我该如何做 X?Y为什么不工作?我可以去哪里寻求帮助?

First, please check if your question is answered on the FAQ. Also, search for answers using your favorite search engine, and in the forum.

If you can't find an answer, please take a few minutes to formulate your question well. Explaining the problems you are facing clearly will help others help you. See the StackOverflow guide on asking good questions.

Then, please post it in one of the following channels:

  • The Django Forum section "Using Django". This is for web-based discussions.
  • The django-users mailing list. This is for email-based discussions.
  • The #django IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network. This is for chat-based discussions.

In all these channels please abide by the Django Code of Conduct. In summary, being friendly and patient, considerate, respectful, and careful in your choice of words.

为什么我的信息没有出现在 django-users 上面?

django-users 有很多订阅者。这对社区是好事, 因为这意味着有许多人可以来回答问题. 不过这也意味着 django-users 对垃圾邮件发送者来说是一个充满吸引力的目标。

为了解决垃圾邮件问题, 当你加入 django-users 邮件列表,我们会手工的调整你向该邮件列表发送的第一封邮件,这意味着如果有垃圾邮件发送者,将会被发现, 但也同时意味着你的第一封求助邮件会用很长的时间才获得回复,我们对这种策略带来的不便感到抱歉。

Nobody answered my question! What should I do?


As with most open-source projects, the folks on these channels are volunteers. If nobody has answered your question, it may be because nobody knows the answer, it may be because nobody can understand the question, or it may be that everybody that can help is busy.

You can also try asking on a different channel. But please don't post your question in all three channels in quick succession.

You might notice we have a second mailing list, called django-developers. This list is for discussion of the development of Django itself. Please don't email support questions to this mailing list. Asking a tech support question there is considered impolite, and you will likely be directed to ask on django-users.

我认为我找到了个 bug!我应该做什么呢?

如何处理一个潜在的 bug 可以详细参考我们的 为 Django 做贡献指南


如果你认为你找到了一个 Django 的安全问题, 请告诉 security@djangoproject.com。这是一个仅供值得信赖的 Django 开发者使用的长期有效的私人邮箱;并且该邮箱的档案不公开。

Due to the sensitive nature of security issues, we ask that if you think you have found a security problem, please don't post a message on the forum, IRC, or one of the public mailing lists. Django has a policy for handling security issues; while a defect is outstanding, we would like to minimize any damage that could be inflicted through public knowledge of that defect.

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