FAQ: 助けを求める

X をするにはどうすればいいですか?どうして Y は動かないのでしょうか?助けはどこで得られますか?

First, please check if your question is answered on the FAQ. Also, search for answers using your favorite search engine, and in the forum.

If you can't find an answer, please take a few minutes to formulate your question well. Explaining the problems you are facing clearly will help others help you. See the StackOverflow guide on asking good questions.

Then, please post it in one of the following channels:

  • The Django Forum section "Using Django". This is for web-based discussions.
  • The django-users mailing list. This is for email-based discussions.
  • The #django IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network. This is for chat-based discussions.

In all these channels please abide by the Django Code of Conduct. In summary, being friendly and patient, considerate, respectful, and careful in your choice of words.

Why hasn't my message appeared on django-users?

django-users メーリングリストはたくさんの読者がいます。これは、コミュニティにとっていいことで、多くの人が質問に答えられる可能性があるという意味です。ただし、残念なことに、スパム送信者の絶好の対象でもあるということです。

スパム攻撃に対抗するため、あなたが django-users メーリングリストに参加してから、最初にリストに向けて送信するメッセージは手動で調整されます。これによりスパム攻撃者を補足できますが、一方であなたがリストに向けた最初の質問への回答には少し時間がかかるかもしれません。この方式によりご不便をおかけすることをご容赦ください。

Nobody answered my question! What should I do?


As with most open-source projects, the folks on these channels are volunteers. If nobody has answered your question, it may be because nobody knows the answer, it may be because nobody can understand the question, or it may be that everybody that can help is busy.

You can also try asking on a different channel. But please don't post your question in all three channels in quick succession.

You might notice we have a second mailing list, called django-developers. This list is for discussion of the development of Django itself. Please don't email support questions to this mailing list. Asking a tech support question there is considered impolite, and you will likely be directed to ask on django-users.


バグと思しきものの取扱についての詳細な手順は Guide to contributing to Django を参照してください。


Djangoのセキュリティ問題を見つけたと思ったら、 security@djangoproject.com にメッセージを送ってください。これは長年にわたり信頼性の高いDjango開発者のみに公開されているプライベートなリストであり、そのアーカイブは一般公開されることはありません。

Due to the sensitive nature of security issues, we ask that if you think you have found a security problem, please don't post a message on the forum, IRC, or one of the public mailing lists. Django has a policy for handling security issues; while a defect is outstanding, we would like to minimize any damage that could be inflicted through public knowledge of that defect.

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