Django 1.7.1 release notes

October 22, 2014

Django 1.7.1 fixes several bugs in 1.7.


  • Allowed related many-to-many fields to be referenced in the admin (#23604).
  • Added a more helpful error message if you try to migrate an app without first creating the contenttypes table (#22411).
  • Modified migrations dependency algorithm to avoid possible infinite recursion.
  • Fixed a UnicodeDecodeError when the flush error message contained Unicode characters (#22882).
  • Reinstated missing CHECK SQL clauses which were omitted on some backends when not using migrations (#23416).
  • Fixed serialization of type objects in migrations (#22951).
  • Allowed inline and hidden references to admin fields (#23431).
  • The @deconstructible decorator now fails with a ValueError if the decorated object cannot automatically be imported (#23418).
  • Fixed a typo in an inlineformset_factory() error message that caused a crash (#23451).
  • Restored the ability to use ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES with the 'auth.User' model (#11775). As a side effect, the setting now adds a get_absolute_url() method to any model that appears in ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES but doesn’t define get_absolute_url().
  • Avoided masking some ImportError exceptions during application loading (#22920).
  • Empty index_together or unique_together model options no longer results in infinite migrations (#23452).
  • Fixed crash in contrib.sitemaps if lastmod returned a date rather than a datetime (#23403).
  • Allowed migrations to work with app_labels that have the same last part (e.g. django.contrib.auth and vendor.auth) (#23483).
  • Restored the ability to deepcopy F objects (#23492).
  • Formats for Welsh (cy) and several Chinese locales (zh_CN, zh_Hans, zh_Hant and zh_TW) have been added. Formats for Macedonian have been fixed (trailing dot removed, #23532).
  • Added quoting of constraint names in the SQL generated by migrations to prevent crash with uppercase characters in the name (#23065).
  • Fixed renaming of models with a self-referential many-to-many field (ManyToManyField('self')) (#23503).
  • Added the get_extra(), get_max_num(), and get_min_num() hooks to GenericInlineModelAdmin (#23539).
  • Made migrations.RunSQL no longer require percent sign escaping. This is now consistent with cursor.execute() (#23426).
  • Made the SERIALIZE entry in the TEST dictionary usable (#23421).
  • Fixed bug in migrations that prevented foreign key constraints to unmanaged models with a custom primary key (#23415).
  • Added SchemaEditor for MySQL GIS backend so that spatial indexes will be created for apps with migrations (#23538).
  • Added SchemaEditor for Oracle GIS backend so that spatial metadata and indexes will be created for apps with migrations (#23537).
  • Coerced the related_name model field option to Unicode during migration generation to generate migrations that work with both Python 2 and 3 (#23455).
  • Fixed MigrationWriter to handle builtin types without imports (#23560).
  • Fixed deepcopy on ErrorList (#23594).
  • Made the admindocs view to browse view details check if the view specified in the URL exists in the URLconf. Previously it was possible to import arbitrary packages from the Python path. This was not considered a security issue because admindocs is only accessible to staff users (#23601).
  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError crash in AdminEmailHandler with non-ASCII characters in the request (#23593).
  • Fixed missing get_or_create and update_or_create on related managers causing IntegrityError (#23611).
  • Made urlsafe_base64_decode() return the proper type (bytestring) on Python 3 (#23333).
  • makemigrations can now serialize timezone-aware values (#23365).
  • Added a prompt to the migrations questioner when removing the null constraint from a field to prevent an IntegrityError on existing NULL rows (#23609).
  • Fixed generic relations in ModelAdmin.list_filter (#23616).
  • Restored RFC compliance for the SMTP backend on Python 3 (#23063).
  • Fixed a crash while parsing cookies containing invalid content (#23638).
  • The system check framework now raises error models.E020 when the class method Model.check() is unreachable (#23615).
  • Made the Oracle test database creation drop the test user in the event of an unclean exit of a previous test run (#23649).
  • Fixed makemigrations to detect changes to Meta.db_table (#23629).
  • Fixed a regression when feeding the Django test client with an empty data string (#21740).
  • Fixed a regression in makemessages where static files were unexpectedly ignored (#23583).
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