Django 1.9.1 release notes

January 2, 2016

Django 1.9.1 fixes several bugs in 1.9.


  • Fixed BaseCache.get_or_set() with the DummyCache backend (#25840).
  • Fixed a regression in FormMixin causing forms to be validated twice (#25548, #26018).
  • Fixed a system check crash with nested ArrayFields (#25867).
  • Fixed a state bug when migrating a SeparateDatabaseAndState operation backwards (#25896).
  • Fixed a regression in CommonMiddleware causing If-None-Match checks to always return HTTP 200 (#25900).
  • Fixed missing varchar/text_pattern_ops index on CharField and TextField respectively when using AlterField on PostgreSQL (#25412).
  • Fixed admin’s delete confirmation page’s summary counts of related objects (#25883).
  • Added from __future__ import unicode_literals to the default created by startapp on Python 2 (#25909). Add this line to your own files created using Django 1.9 if you want your migrations to work on both Python 2 and Python 3.
  • Prevented QuerySet.delete() from crashing on MySQL when querying across relations (#25882).
  • Fixed evaluation of zero-length slices of QuerySet.values() (#25894).
  • Fixed a state bug when using an AlterModelManagers operation (#25852).
  • Fixed TypedChoiceField change detection with nullable fields (#25942).
  • Fixed incorrect timezone warnings in custom admin templates that don’t have a data-admin-utc-offset attribute in the body tag. (#25845).
  • Fixed a regression which prevented using a language not in Django’s default language list (LANGUAGES) (#25915).
  • Avoided hiding some exceptions, like an invalid INSTALLED_APPS setting, behind AppRegistryNotReady when starting runserver (#25510). This regression appeared in 1.8.5 as a side effect of fixing #24704 and by mistake the fix wasn’t applied to the stable/1.9.x branch.
  • Fixed migrate --fake-initial detection of many-to-many tables (#25922).
  • Restored the functionality of the admin’s list_editable add and change buttons (#25903).
  • Fixed isnull query lookup for ForeignObject (#25972).
  • Fixed a regression in the admin which ignored line breaks in read-only fields instead of converting them to <br> (#25465).
  • Fixed incorrect object reference in SingleObjectMixin.get_context_object_name() (#26006).
  • Made loaddata skip disabling and enabling database constraints when it doesn’t load any fixtures (#23372).
  • Restored contrib.auth hashers compatibility with py-bcrypt (#26016).
  • Fixed a crash in QuerySet.values()/values_list() after an annotate() and order_by() when values()/values_list() includes a field not in the order_by() (#25316).
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