Kod źródłowy modułu django.contrib.admin.decorators

[dokumenty]def register(*models, **kwargs): """ Registers the given model(s) classes and wrapped ModelAdmin class with admin site: @register(Author) class AuthorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): pass A kwarg of `site` can be passed as the admin site, otherwise the default admin site will be used. """ from django.contrib.admin import ModelAdmin from django.contrib.admin.sites import site, AdminSite def _model_admin_wrapper(admin_class): if not models: raise ValueError('At least one model must be passed to register.') admin_site = kwargs.pop('site', site) if not isinstance(admin_site, AdminSite): raise ValueError('site must subclass AdminSite') if not issubclass(admin_class, ModelAdmin): raise ValueError('Wrapped class must subclass ModelAdmin.') admin_site.register(models, admin_class=admin_class) return admin_class return _model_admin_wrapper
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