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Django 1.11.4 release notes

August 1, 2017

Django 1.11.4 fixes several bugs in 1.11.3.


  • Fixed a regression in 1.11.3 on Python 2 where non-ASCII format values for date/time widgets results in an empty value in the widget’s HTML (#28355).
  • Fixed QuerySet.union() and difference() when combining with a queryset raising EmptyResultSet (#28378).
  • Fixed a regression in pickling of LazyObject on Python 2 when the wrapped object doesn’t have __reduce__() (#28389).
  • Fixed crash in runserver’s autoreload with Python 2 on Windows with non-str environment variables (#28174).
  • Corrected Field.has_changed() to return False for disabled form fields: BooleanField, MultipleChoiceField, MultiValueField, FileField, ModelChoiceField, and ModelMultipleChoiceField.
  • Fixed QuerySet.count() for union(), difference(), and intersection() queries. (#28399).
  • Fixed ClearableFileInput rendering as a subwidget of MultiWidget (#28414). Custom clearable_file_input.html widget templates will need to adapt for the fact that context values checkbox_name, checkbox_id, is_initial, input_text, initial_text, and clear_checkbox_label are now attributes of widget rather than appearing in the top-level context.
  • Fixed queryset crash when using a GenericRelation to a proxy model (#28418).
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