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Django 1.6.2 release notes

February 6, 2014

This is Django 1.6.2, a bugfix release for Django 1.6. Django 1.6.2 fixes several bugs in 1.6.1:

  • Prevented the base geometry object of a prepared geometry to be garbage collected, which could lead to crash Django (#21662).
  • Fixed a crash when executing the changepassword command when the user object representation contained non-ASCII characters (#21627).
  • The collectstatic command will raise an error rather than default to using the current working directory if STATIC_ROOT is not set. Combined with the --clear option, the previous behavior could wipe anything below the current working directory (#21581).
  • Fixed mail encoding on Python 3.3.3+ (#21093).
  • Fixed an issue where when settings.DATABASES['default']['AUTOCOMMIT'] = False, the connection wasn’t in autocommit mode but Django pretended it was.
  • Fixed a regression in multiple-table inheritance exclude() queries (#21787).
  • Added missing items to django.utils.timezone.__all__ (#21880).
  • Fixed a field misalignment issue with select_related() and model inheritance (#21413).
  • Fixed join promotion for negated AND conditions (#21748).
  • Oracle database introspection now works with boolean and float fields (#19884).
  • Fixed an issue where lazy objects weren’t actually marked as safe when passed through mark_safe() and could end up being double-escaped (#21882).

Additionally, Django’s vendored version of six, django.utils.six has been upgraded to the latest release (1.5.2).

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