Django 1.7.5 release notes

February 25, 2015

Django 1.7.5 fixes several bugs in 1.7.4.


  • Reverted a fix that prevented a migration crash when unapplying contrib.contenttypes’s or contrib.auth’s first migration (#24075) due to severe impact on the test performance (#24251) and problems in multi-database setups (#24298).
  • Fixed a regression that prevented custom fields inheriting from ManyToManyField from being recognized in migrations (#24236).
  • Fixed crash in contrib.sites migrations when a default database isn’t used (#24332).
  • Added the ability to set the isolation level on PostgreSQL with psycopg2 ≥ 2.4.2 (#24318). It was advertised as a new feature in Django 1.6 but it didn’t work in practice.
  • Formats for the Azerbaijani locale (az) have been added.
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