Django 1.11.5 release notes

September 5, 2017

Django 1.11.5 fixes a security issue and several bugs in 1.11.4.

CVE-2017-12794: Possible XSS in traceback section of technical 500 debug page

In older versions, HTML autoescaping was disabled in a portion of the template for the technical 500 debug page. Given the right circumstances, this allowed a cross-site scripting attack. This vulnerability shouldn’t affect most production sites since you shouldn’t run with DEBUG = True (which makes this page accessible) in your production settings.


  • Fixed GEOS version parsing if the version has a commit hash at the end (new in GEOS 3.6.2) (#28441).
  • Added compatibility for cx_Oracle 6 (#28498).
  • Fixed select widget rendering when option values are tuples (#28502).
  • Django 1.11 inadvertently changed the sequence and trigger naming scheme on Oracle. This causes errors on INSERTs for some tables if 'use_returning_into': False is in the OPTIONS part of DATABASES. The pre-1.11 naming scheme is now restored. Unfortunately, it necessarily requires an update to Oracle tables created with Django 1.11.[1-4]. Use the upgrade script in #28451 comment 8 to update sequence and trigger names to use the pre-1.11 naming scheme.
  • Added POST request support to LogoutView, for equivalence with the function-based logout() view (#28513).
  • Omitted pages_per_range from BrinIndex.deconstruct() if it’s None (#25809).
  • Fixed a regression where SelectDateWidget localized the years in the select box (#28530).
  • Fixed a regression in 1.11.4 where runserver crashed with non-Unicode system encodings on Python 2 + Windows (#28487).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 1.10 where changes to a ManyToManyField weren’t logged in the admin change history (#27998) and prevented ManyToManyField initial data in model forms from being affected by subsequent model changes (#28543).
  • Fixed non-deterministic results or an AssertionError crash in some queries with multiple joins (#26522).
  • Fixed a regression in contrib.auth’s login() and logout() views where they ignored positional arguments (#28550).
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