Django 1.8.9 release notes

February 1, 2016

Django 1.8.9 fixes several bugs in 1.8.8.


  • Fixed a regression that caused the “user-tools” items to display on the admin’s logout page (#26035).
  • Fixed a crash in the translations system when the current language has no translations (#26046).
  • Fixed a regression that caused the incorrect day to be selected when opening the admin calendar widget for timezones from GMT+0100 to GMT+1200 (#24980).
  • Fixed a regression in 1.8.8 causing incorrect index handling in migrations on PostgreSQL when adding db_index=True or unique=True to a CharField or TextField that already had the other specified, or when removing one of them from a field that had both, or when adding unique=True to a field already listed in unique_together (#26034).
  • Fixed a crash when using an __in lookup inside a Case expression (#26071).
  • Fixed a crash when using a reverse OneToOneField in ModelAdmin.readonly_fields (#26060).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 1.8.5 that broke copying a SimpleLazyObject with copy.copy() (#26122).
  • Fixed the contrib.gis map widgets when using USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR=True (#20415).
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