Source code for django.views.decorators.csrf

from functools import wraps

from django.middleware.csrf import CsrfViewMiddleware, get_token
from django.utils.decorators import decorator_from_middleware

csrf_protect = decorator_from_middleware(CsrfViewMiddleware)
csrf_protect.__name__ = "csrf_protect"
csrf_protect.__doc__ = """
This decorator adds CSRF protection in exactly the same way as
CsrfViewMiddleware, but it can be used on a per view basis.  Using both, or
using the decorator multiple times, is harmless and efficient.

class _EnsureCsrfToken(CsrfViewMiddleware):
    # Behave like CsrfViewMiddleware but don't reject requests or log warnings.
    def _reject(self, request, reason):
        return None

requires_csrf_token = decorator_from_middleware(_EnsureCsrfToken)
requires_csrf_token.__name__ = 'requires_csrf_token'
requires_csrf_token.__doc__ = """
Use this decorator on views that need a correct csrf_token available to
RequestContext, but without the CSRF protection that csrf_protect

class _EnsureCsrfCookie(CsrfViewMiddleware):
    def _reject(self, request, reason):
        return None

    def process_view(self, request, callback, callback_args, callback_kwargs):
        retval = super().process_view(request, callback, callback_args, callback_kwargs)
        # Force process_response to send the cookie
        return retval

ensure_csrf_cookie = decorator_from_middleware(_EnsureCsrfCookie)
ensure_csrf_cookie.__name__ = 'ensure_csrf_cookie'
ensure_csrf_cookie.__doc__ = """
Use this decorator to ensure that a view sets a CSRF cookie, whether or not it
uses the csrf_token template tag, or the CsrfViewMiddleware is used.

[docs]def csrf_exempt(view_func): """Mark a view function as being exempt from the CSRF view protection.""" # view_func.csrf_exempt = True would also work, but decorators are nicer # if they don't have side effects, so return a new function. def wrapped_view(*args, **kwargs): return view_func(*args, **kwargs) wrapped_view.csrf_exempt = True return wraps(view_func)(wrapped_view)
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