Código fonte para django.contrib.postgres.forms.hstore

import json

from django import forms
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

__all__ = ['HStoreField']

[documentos]class HStoreField(forms.CharField): """ A field for HStore data which accepts dictionary JSON input. """ widget = forms.Textarea default_error_messages = { 'invalid_json': _('Could not load JSON data.'), 'invalid_format': _('Input must be a JSON dictionary.'), } def prepare_value(self, value): if isinstance(value, dict): return json.dumps(value) return value def to_python(self, value): if not value: return {} if not isinstance(value, dict): try: value = json.loads(value) except json.JSONDecodeError: raise ValidationError( self.error_messages['invalid_json'], code='invalid_json', ) if not isinstance(value, dict): raise ValidationError( self.error_messages['invalid_format'], code='invalid_format', ) # Cast everything to strings for ease. for key, val in value.items(): if val is not None: val = str(val) value[key] = val return value def has_changed(self, initial, data): """ Return True if data differs from initial. """ # For purposes of seeing whether something has changed, None is # the same as an empty dict, if the data or initial value we get # is None, replace it w/ {}. initial_value = self.to_python(initial) return super().has_changed(initial_value, data)
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