Kode sumber untuk django.forms.renderers

import functools
from pathlib import Path

from django.conf import settings
from django.template.backends.django import DjangoTemplates
from django.template.loader import get_template
from django.utils.functional import cached_property
from django.utils.module_loading import import_string

    from django.template.backends.jinja2 import Jinja2
except ImportError:
    def Jinja2(params):
        raise ImportError("jinja2 isn't installed")

ROOT = Path(__file__).parent

def get_default_renderer():
    renderer_class = import_string(settings.FORM_RENDERER)
    return renderer_class()

class BaseRenderer:
    def get_template(self, template_name):
        raise NotImplementedError('subclasses must implement get_template()')

    def render(self, template_name, context, request=None):
        template = self.get_template(template_name)
        return template.render(context, request=request).strip()

class EngineMixin:
    def get_template(self, template_name):
        return self.engine.get_template(template_name)

    def engine(self):
        return self.backend({
            'APP_DIRS': True,
            'DIRS': [str(ROOT / self.backend.app_dirname)],
            'NAME': 'djangoforms',
            'OPTIONS': {},

[docs]class DjangoTemplates(EngineMixin, BaseRenderer): """ Load Django templates from the built-in widget templates in django/forms/templates and from apps' 'templates' directory. """ backend = DjangoTemplates
[docs]class Jinja2(EngineMixin, BaseRenderer): """ Load Jinja2 templates from the built-in widget templates in django/forms/jinja2 and from apps' 'jinja2' directory. """ backend = Jinja2
[docs]class TemplatesSetting(BaseRenderer): """ Load templates using template.loader.get_template() which is configured based on settings.TEMPLATES. """ def get_template(self, template_name): return get_template(template_name)
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