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Code source de django.template.backends.django

# Since this package contains a "django" module, this is required on Python 2.
from __future__ import absolute_import

import warnings

from django.conf import settings
from django.template.context import Context, RequestContext, make_context
from django.template.engine import Engine, _dirs_undefined
from django.utils.deprecation import RemovedInDjango110Warning

from .base import BaseEngine

[docs]class DjangoTemplates(BaseEngine): app_dirname = 'templates' def __init__(self, params): params = params.copy() options = params.pop('OPTIONS').copy() options.setdefault('debug', settings.DEBUG) options.setdefault('file_charset', settings.FILE_CHARSET) super(DjangoTemplates, self).__init__(params) self.engine = Engine(self.dirs, self.app_dirs, **options) def from_string(self, template_code): return Template(self.engine.from_string(template_code)) def get_template(self, template_name, dirs=_dirs_undefined): return Template(self.engine.get_template(template_name, dirs))
class Template(object): def __init__(self, template): self.template = template @property def origin(self): # TODO: define the Origin API. For now simply forwarding to the # underlying Template preserves backwards-compatibility. return self.template.origin def render(self, context=None, request=None): # A deprecation path is required here to cover the following usage: # >>> from django.template import Context # >>> from django.template.loader import get_template # >>> template = get_template('hello.html') # >>> template.render(Context({'name': 'world'})) # In Django 1.7 get_template() returned a django.template.Template. # In Django 1.8 it returns a django.template.backends.django.Template. # In Django 1.10 the isinstance checks should be removed. If passing a # Context or a RequestContext works by accident, it won't be an issue # per se, but it won't be officially supported either. if isinstance(context, RequestContext): if request is not None and request is not context.request: raise ValueError( "render() was called with a RequestContext and a request " "argument which refer to different requests. Make sure " "that the context argument is a dict or at least that " "the two arguments refer to the same request.") warnings.warn( "render() must be called with a dict, not a RequestContext.", RemovedInDjango110Warning, stacklevel=2) elif isinstance(context, Context): warnings.warn( "render() must be called with a dict, not a Context.", RemovedInDjango110Warning, stacklevel=2) else: context = make_context(context, request) return self.template.render(context)
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