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How to use Django with Gunicorn

Gunicorn (‘Green Unicorn’) is a pure-Python WSGI server for UNIX. It has no dependencies and can be installed using pip.

Installing Gunicorn

Install gunicorn by running python -m pip install gunicorn. For more details, see the gunicorn documentation.

Running Django in Gunicorn as a generic WSGI application

When Gunicorn is installed, a gunicorn command is available which starts the Gunicorn server process. The simplest invocation of gunicorn is to pass the location of a module containing a WSGI application object named application, which for a typical Django project would look like:

gunicorn myproject.wsgi

This will start one process running one thread listening on It requires that your project be on the Python path; the simplest way to ensure that is to run this command from the same directory as your manage.py file.

See Gunicorn’s deployment documentation for additional tips.

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