Django 4.2.7 release notes

November 1, 2023

Django 4.2.7 fixes a security issue with severity “moderate” and several bugs in 4.2.6.

CVE-2023-46695: Potential denial of service vulnerability in UsernameField on Windows

The NFKC normalization is slow on Windows. As a consequence, django.contrib.auth.forms.UsernameField was subject to a potential denial of service attack via certain inputs with a very large number of Unicode characters.

In order to avoid the vulnerability, invalid values longer than UsernameField.max_length are no longer normalized, since they cannot pass validation anyway.


  • Fixed a regression in Django 4.2 that caused a crash of QuerySet.aggregate() with aggregates referencing expressions containing subqueries (#34798).
  • Restored, following a regression in Django 4.2, creating varchar/text_pattern_ops indexes on CharField and TextField with deterministic collations on PostgreSQL (#34932).
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