Django 2.1.4 release notes

December 3, 2018

Django 2.1.4 fixes several bugs in 2.1.3.


  • Corrected the default password list that CommonPasswordValidator uses by lowercasing all passwords to match the format expected by the validator (#29952).
  • Prevented repetitive calls to geos_version_tuple() in the WKBWriter class in an attempt to fix a random crash involving LooseVersion (#29959).
  • Fixed keep-alive support in runserver after it was disabled to fix another issue in Django 2.0 (#29849).
  • Fixed admin view-only change form crash when using ModelAdmin.prepopulated_fields (#29929).
  • Fixed “Please correct the errors below” error message when editing an object in the admin if the user only has the “view” permission on inlines (#29930).
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