Django 2.1.5 release notes

January 4, 2019

Django 2.1.5 fixes a security issue and several bugs in 2.1.4.

CVE-2019-3498: Content spoofing possibility in the default 404 page

An attacker could craft a malicious URL that could make spoofed content appear on the default page generated by the django.views.defaults.page_not_found() view.

The URL path is no longer displayed in the default 404 template and the request_path context variable is now quoted to fix the issue for custom templates that use the path.


  • Fixed compatibility with mysqlclient 1.3.14 (#30013).
  • Fixed a schema corruption issue on SQLite 3.26+. You might have to drop and rebuild your SQLite database if you applied a migration while using an older version of Django with SQLite 3.26 or later (#29182).
  • Prevented SQLite schema alterations while foreign key checks are enabled to avoid the possibility of schema corruption (#30023).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 2.1.4 (which enabled keep-alive connections) where request body data isn’t properly consumed for such connections (#30015).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 2.1.4 where InlineModelAdmin.has_change_permission() is incorrectly called with a non-None obj argument during an object add (#30050).
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