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Django 3.0.1 release notes

Expected January 2, 2020

Django 3.0.1 fixes several bugs in 3.0.


  • Fixed a regression in Django 3.0 by restoring the ability to use Django inside Jupyter and other environments that force an async context, by adding an option to disable Async-safety mechanism with DJANGO_ALLOW_ASYNC_UNSAFE environment variable (#31056).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 3.0 where RegexPattern, used by re_path(), returned positional arguments to be passed to the view when all optional named groups were missing (#31061).
  • Reallowed, following a regression in Django 3.0, Window expressions to be used in conditions outside of queryset filters, e.g. in When conditions (#31060).
  • Fixed a data loss possibility in SplitArrayField. When using with ArrayField(BooleanField()), all values after the first True value were marked as checked instead of preserving passed values (#31073).
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