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  • Wersja dokumentacji: 1.10

Kod źródłowy modułu django.contrib.gis.gdal.geomtype

from django.contrib.gis.gdal.error import GDALException
from django.utils import six

[dokumenty]class OGRGeomType(object): "Encapsulates OGR Geometry Types." wkb25bit = -2147483648 # Dictionary of acceptable OGRwkbGeometryType s and their string names. _types = {0: 'Unknown', 1: 'Point', 2: 'LineString', 3: 'Polygon', 4: 'MultiPoint', 5: 'MultiLineString', 6: 'MultiPolygon', 7: 'GeometryCollection', 100: 'None', 101: 'LinearRing', 102: 'PointZ', 1 + wkb25bit: 'Point25D', 2 + wkb25bit: 'LineString25D', 3 + wkb25bit: 'Polygon25D', 4 + wkb25bit: 'MultiPoint25D', 5 + wkb25bit: 'MultiLineString25D', 6 + wkb25bit: 'MultiPolygon25D', 7 + wkb25bit: 'GeometryCollection25D', } # Reverse type dictionary, keyed by lower-case of the name. _str_types = {v.lower(): k for k, v in _types.items()} def __init__(self, type_input): "Figures out the correct OGR Type based upon the input." if isinstance(type_input, OGRGeomType): num = type_input.num elif isinstance(type_input, six.string_types): type_input = type_input.lower() if type_input == 'geometry': type_input = 'unknown' num = self._str_types.get(type_input) if num is None: raise GDALException('Invalid OGR String Type "%s"' % type_input) elif isinstance(type_input, int): if type_input not in self._types: raise GDALException('Invalid OGR Integer Type: %d' % type_input) num = type_input else: raise TypeError('Invalid OGR input type given.') # Setting the OGR geometry type number. self.num = num def __str__(self): "Returns the value of the name property." return self.name def __eq__(self, other): """ Does an equivalence test on the OGR type with the given other OGRGeomType, the short-hand string, or the integer. """ if isinstance(other, OGRGeomType): return self.num == other.num elif isinstance(other, six.string_types): return self.name.lower() == other.lower() elif isinstance(other, int): return self.num == other else: return False def __ne__(self, other): return not (self == other) @property def name(self): "Returns a short-hand string form of the OGR Geometry type." return self._types[self.num] @property def django(self): "Returns the Django GeometryField for this OGR Type." s = self.name.replace('25D', '') if s in ('LinearRing', 'None'): return None elif s == 'Unknown': s = 'Geometry' elif s == 'PointZ': s = 'Point' return s + 'Field' def to_multi(self): """ Transform Point, LineString, Polygon, and their 25D equivalents to their Multi... counterpart. """ if self.name.startswith(('Point', 'LineString', 'Polygon')): self.num += 3
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