Source code for django.contrib.postgres.operations

from django.contrib.postgres.signals import register_type_handlers
from django.db.migrations.operations.base import Operation

[문서]class CreateExtension(Operation): reversible = True def __init__(self, name): = name def state_forwards(self, app_label, state): pass def database_forwards(self, app_label, schema_editor, from_state, to_state): if schema_editor.connection.vendor != 'postgresql': return schema_editor.execute("CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS %s" % schema_editor.quote_name( # Registering new type handlers cannot be done before the extension is # installed, otherwise a subsequent data migration would use the same # connection. register_type_handlers(schema_editor.connection) def database_backwards(self, app_label, schema_editor, from_state, to_state): schema_editor.execute("DROP EXTENSION %s" % schema_editor.quote_name( def describe(self): return "Creates extension %s" %
[문서]class BtreeGinExtension(CreateExtension): def __init__(self): = 'btree_gin'
[문서]class CITextExtension(CreateExtension): def __init__(self): = 'citext'
[문서]class HStoreExtension(CreateExtension): def __init__(self): = 'hstore'
[문서]class TrigramExtension(CreateExtension): def __init__(self): = 'pg_trgm'
[문서]class UnaccentExtension(CreateExtension): def __init__(self): = 'unaccent'
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