django.contrib.postgres.fields.jsonb のソースコード

import json

from psycopg2.extras import Json

from django.contrib.postgres import forms, lookups
from django.core import exceptions
from django.db.models import Field, Transform
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

__all__ = ['JSONField']

[ドキュメント]class JSONField(Field): empty_strings_allowed = False description = _('A JSON object') default_error_messages = { 'invalid': _("Value must be valid JSON."), } def db_type(self, connection): return 'jsonb' def get_transform(self, name): transform = super(JSONField, self).get_transform(name) if transform: return transform return KeyTransformFactory(name) def get_prep_value(self, value): if value is not None: return Json(value) return value def validate(self, value, model_instance): super(JSONField, self).validate(value, model_instance) try: json.dumps(value) except TypeError: raise exceptions.ValidationError( self.error_messages['invalid'], code='invalid', params={'value': value}, ) def value_to_string(self, obj): value = self.value_from_object(obj) return value def formfield(self, **kwargs): defaults = {'form_class': forms.JSONField} defaults.update(kwargs) return super(JSONField, self).formfield(**defaults)
JSONField.register_lookup(lookups.DataContains) JSONField.register_lookup(lookups.ContainedBy) JSONField.register_lookup(lookups.HasKey) JSONField.register_lookup(lookups.HasKeys) JSONField.register_lookup(lookups.HasAnyKeys) class KeyTransform(Transform): def __init__(self, key_name, *args, **kwargs): super(KeyTransform, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.key_name = key_name def as_sql(self, compiler, connection): key_transforms = [self.key_name] previous = self.lhs while isinstance(previous, KeyTransform): key_transforms.insert(0, previous.key_name) previous = previous.lhs lhs, params = compiler.compile(previous) if len(key_transforms) > 1: return "{} #> %s".format(lhs), [key_transforms] + params try: int(self.key_name) except ValueError: lookup = "'%s'" % self.key_name else: lookup = "%s" % self.key_name return "%s -> %s" % (lhs, lookup), params class KeyTransformFactory(object): def __init__(self, key_name): self.key_name = key_name def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs): return KeyTransform(self.key_name, *args, **kwargs)
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