Django 2.1.6 release notes

February 11, 2019

Django 2.1.6 fixes a security issue and a bug in 2.1.5.

CVE-2019-6975: Memory exhaustion in django.utils.numberformat.format()

If django.utils.numberformat.format() -- used by contrib.admin as well as the the floatformat, filesizeformat, and intcomma templates filters -- received a Decimal with a large number of digits or a large exponent, it could lead to significant memory usage due to a call to '{:f}'.format().

To avoid this, decimals with more than 200 digits are now formatted using scientific notation.

Perbaikan kesalahan

  • Made the obj argument of InlineModelAdmin.has_add_permission() optional to restore backwards compatibility with third-party code that doesn't provide it (#30097).
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