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Code source de django.contrib.gis.geos.factory

from django.contrib.gis.geos.geometry import GEOSGeometry, hex_regex, wkt_regex
from django.utils import six

[docs]def fromfile(file_h): """ Given a string file name, returns a GEOSGeometry. The file may contain WKB, WKT, or HEX. """ # If given a file name, get a real handle. if isinstance(file_h, six.string_types): with open(file_h, 'rb') as file_h: buf = file_h.read() else: buf = file_h.read() # If we get WKB need to wrap in memoryview(), so run through regexes. if isinstance(buf, bytes): try: decoded = buf.decode() if wkt_regex.match(decoded) or hex_regex.match(decoded): return GEOSGeometry(decoded) except UnicodeDecodeError: pass else: return GEOSGeometry(buf) return GEOSGeometry(six.memoryview(buf))
[docs]def fromstr(string, **kwargs): "Given a string value, returns a GEOSGeometry object." return GEOSGeometry(string, **kwargs)
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