A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on June 08, 2017. Frank Wiles led the meeting.


Old Business

Financial Briefing


Frank is going to work on a blog post and announce continued agreement with JetBrains

Internship Program

Daniele is working on a program to:

DjangoCon Europe 2018

Heidelberg, Germany was approved as the 2018 site with dates of 23-27 May 2018. Call for volunteers will be forthcoming.

New Business

Vote on corporate memberships

New corporate membership applications were submitted by, and unanimously approved for, the following corporate members:

Sponsorship requests

Code of Conduct Committee

IRC channel and removal of member.

Django LTS

Frank will reach out regarding changing the name

Threadless Django Shop

Summer timeline for products

DjangoCon India

Daniele will reach out and encourage them again to join PyCon India 2018 as a sub-conference. Ken will pass on some additional contact in India who might be willing to assist in planning.

Next meeting

13 July 2017

To add agenda items to the board's next meeting, please contact the board.

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