A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held via teleconference starting on 5 April, 2014. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.



Old Business

Foundation tax status

Waiting for reply from IRS.

Django website

Developer has started work in April and hopes to have demo ready for DjangoCon EU.

Conflict of interest policy

Still waiting for some outstanding forms.

PyCon AU

No update, haven't heard from them.

Django t-shirt

Design has been finalised, colour choices sent to the board. Invoice for work has bee received.

DjangoCon EU Travel grants

Travel committee formed and has gone through the initial round.

Code of conduct issue

Following a report of a code of conduct issue, the CoC committee presented a report to the board with analysis and recommendations. The individual involved indicated a desire to discuss the manner in which compliance with those recommendations would be met; this discussion will happen before the next board meeting.

Business done during the month

Pack publishing

Royalties sent to the wrong account.

List of committees

The board formally approved Lynn Root as head of the travel grant committee. List of committee and members added to the website.

New business


Next meeting

1st May.

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board

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