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Django 4.2.14 release notes

July 9, 2024

Django 4.2.14 fixes two security issues with severity “moderate” and two security issues with severity “low” in 4.2.13.

CVE-2024-38875: Potential denial-of-service vulnerability in django.utils.html.urlize()

urlize and urlizetrunc were subject to a potential denial-of-service attack via certain inputs with a very large number of brackets.

CVE-2024-39329: Username enumeration through timing difference for users with unusable passwords

The authenticate() method allowed remote attackers to enumerate users via a timing attack involving login requests for users with unusable passwords.

CVE-2024-39330: Potential directory-traversal via Storage.save()

Derived classes of the Storage base class which override generate_filename() without replicating the file path validations existing in the parent class, allowed for potential directory-traversal via certain inputs when calling save().

Built-in Storage sub-classes were not affected by this vulnerability.

CVE-2024-39614: Potential denial-of-service vulnerability in get_supported_language_variant()

get_supported_language_variant() was subject to a potential denial-of-service attack when used with very long strings containing specific characters.

To mitigate this vulnerability, the language code provided to get_supported_language_variant() is now parsed up to a maximum length of 500 characters.

When the language code is over 500 characters, a ValueError will now be raised if strict is True, or if there is no generic variant and strict is False.

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