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How to use Django with Daphne

Daphne is a pure-Python ASGI server for UNIX, maintained by members of the Django project. It acts as the reference server for ASGI.

Installing Daphne

You can install Daphne with pip:

python -m pip install daphne

Running Django in Daphne

When Daphne is installed, a daphne command is available which starts the Daphne server process. At its simplest, Daphne needs to be called with the location of a module containing an ASGI application object, followed by what the application is called (separated by a colon).

For a typical Django project, invoking Daphne would look like:

daphne myproject.asgi:application

This will start one process listening on It requires that your project be on the Python path; to ensure that run this command from the same directory as your manage.py file.

Integration with runserver

Daphne provides a runserver command to serve your site under ASGI during development.

This can be enabled by adding daphne to the start of your INSTALLED_APPS and adding an ASGI_APPLICATION setting pointing to your ASGI application object:


ASGI_APPLICATION = "myproject.asgi.application"
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