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Django 4.2.6 release notes

Expected October 2, 2023

Django 4.2.6 fixes several bugs in 4.2.5.


  • Fixed a regression in Django 4.2.5 where overriding the deprecated DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE and STATICFILES_STORAGE settings in tests caused the main STORAGES to mutate (#34821).

  • Fixed a regression in Django 4.2 that caused unnecessary casting of string based fields (CharField, EmailField, TextField, CICharField, CIEmailField, and CITextField) used with the __isnull lookup on PostgreSQL. As a consequence, the pre-Django 4.2 indexes didn’t match and were not used by the query planner (#34840).

    You may need to recreate indexes propagated to the database with Django 4.2 - 4.2.5 as they contain unnecessary ::text casting that is avoided as of this release.

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