Django 1.9.7 release notes

June 4, 2016

Django 1.9.7 fixes several bugs in 1.9.6.


  • Removed the need for the request context processor on the admin login page to fix a regression in 1.9 (#26558).
  • Fixed translation of password validators’ help_text in forms (#26544).
  • Fixed a regression causing the cached template loader to crash when using lazy template names (#26603).
  • Fixed on_commit callbacks execution order when callbacks make transactions (#26627).
  • Fixed HStoreField to raise a ValidationError instead of crashing on non-dictionary JSON input (#26672).
  • Fixed dbshell crash on PostgreSQL with an empty database name (#26698).
  • Fixed a regression in queries on a OneToOneField that has to_field and primary_key=True (#26667).
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