Geographic Feeds

GeoDjango has its own Feed subclass that may embed location information in RSS/Atom feeds formatted according to either the Simple GeoRSS or W3C Geo standards. Because GeoDjango’s syndication API is a superset of Django’s, please consult Django’s syndication documentation for details on general usage.


API Reference

Feed Subclass

class Feed[source]

In addition to methods provided by the django.contrib.syndication.views.Feed base class, GeoDjango’s Feed class provides the following overrides. Note that these overrides may be done in multiple ways:

from django.contrib.gis.feeds import Feed

class MyFeed(Feed):

    # First, as a class attribute.
    geometry = ...
    item_geometry = ...

    # Also a function with no arguments
    def geometry(self):

    def item_geometry(self):

    # And as a function with a single argument
    def geometry(self, obj):

    def item_geometry(self, item):

Takes the object returned by get_object() and returns the feed’s geometry. Typically this is a GEOSGeometry instance, or can be a tuple to represent a point or a box. For example:

class ZipcodeFeed(Feed):

    def geometry(self, obj):
        # Can also return: `obj.poly`, and `obj.poly.centroid`.
        return obj.poly.extent # tuple like: (X0, Y0, X1, Y1).

Set this to return the geometry for each item in the feed. This can be a GEOSGeometry instance, or a tuple that represents a point coordinate or bounding box. For example:

class ZipcodeFeed(Feed):

    def item_geometry(self, obj):
        # Returns the polygon.
        return obj.poly

SyndicationFeed Subclasses

The following django.utils.feedgenerator.SyndicationFeed subclasses are available:

class GeoRSSFeed[source]
class GeoAtom1Feed[source]
class W3CGeoFeed[source]


W3C Geo formatted feeds only support PointField geometries.

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