Django 1.8.8 release notes

January 2, 2016

Django 1.8.8 fixes several bugs in 1.8.7.

Python 3.2 users, please be advised that we’ve decided to drop support for Python 3.2 in Django 1.8.x at the end of 2016. We won’t break things intentionally after that, but we won’t test subsequent releases against Python 3.2 either. Upstream support for Python 3.2 ends February 2016 so we don’t find much value in providing security updates for a version of Python that could be insecure. To read more about the decision and to let us know if this will be problematic for you, please read the django-developers thread.


  • Fixed incorrect unique_together field name generation by inspectdb (#25274).
  • Corrected __len query lookup on ArrayField for empty arrays (#25772).
  • Restored the ability to use custom formats from with django.utils.formats.get_format() and the date template filter (#25812).
  • Fixed a state bug when migrating a SeparateDatabaseAndState operation backwards (#25896).
  • Fixed missing varchar/text_pattern_ops index on CharField and TextField respectively when using AlterField on PostgreSQL (#25412).
  • Fixed a state bug when using an AlterModelManagers operation (#25852).
  • Fixed a regression which prevented using a language not in Django’s default language list (LANGUAGES) (#25915).
  • django.views.decorators.cache.never_cache() now sends more persuasive headers (added no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate to Cache-Control) to better prevent caching (#13008). This fixes a problem where a page refresh in Firefox cleared the selected entries in the admin’s filter_horizontal and filter_vertical widgets, which could result in inadvertent data loss if a user didn’t notice that and then submitted the form (#22955).
  • Fixed a regression in the admin which ignored line breaks in read-only fields instead of converting them to <br> (#25465).
  • Made loaddata skip disabling and enabling database constraints when it doesn’t load any fixtures (#23372).
  • Fixed a crash in QuerySet.values()/values_list() after an annotate() and order_by() when values()/values_list() includes a field not in the order_by() (#25316).
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