A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on February 09, 2017. Frank Wiles led the meeting.


Old Business

CofC Committee Recruitment Update

Great response to the email, enough to cover the next 12 months (two 6 month shifts).


Nothing specific to report at this time, will revisit with working group volunteers.

New Business

IRC behavior as reported by Sasha

IRC channel has been experiencing users who violate CoC rules by posting inappropriate and abusive content. Given the nature of IRC it is difficult to constantly monitor the channel by the Operators. Operators are currently Core Team members and it was suggested to open that status up to all DSF members to increase the monitoring capabilities in the channel. Daniele will follow up.

Vote on corporate memberships

New corporate membership application were submitted by, and unanimously approved for, the following corporate members: No issues were raised regarding any of the corporate renewals and all were granted.

Sponsorship requests

New DSF Member elections

All nominations passed. Frank will send out welcome emails to new members and update the site. Congratulations to the new members:

DSF branded merchandise in South Korea

The board was contacted to see if we would be interested in joining forces with an individual in South Korea to assist with DSF branded merchandise in South Korea. We decided not to pursue that option at this time.

Fundraising Blog article

Daniele reports that it is close to being complete and will add in specific information about numbers of events sponsored in the last year and some of the global expansion of regional events that have occurred.

Financial Status Briefing

Rebecca is waiting to get all of the needed access to the various bank accounts from Christophe to be able to give an exact current balance and detailed account questions. She's working on documentation for financial policies and procedures.

Rebecca recommends that we find an accountant to file the Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax with the IRS and will work on locating one that can do so for our Kansas based corporation.

A discussion about finding a paid staff assistant for the DSF to handle fund raising activities and administrative tasks was brought up. Frank was going to talk with Tim to see what percentage of his workload is dedicated to fund raising and admin tasks to get a better idea of budget for such a staff assistant position.

Next meeting

09 March 2017

To add agenda items to the board's next meeting, please contact the board.

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