A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on March 10th, 2016. Frank Wiles led the meeting.


Old Business

Mozilla Grant

Christophe reported that it is processing and should be ready to go next week.

The board will go into a seperate account so it can be isolated. Currently under discussion with Andrew about finding subcontractors and supervising them to do the work.

Earth Class Mail

Andy got the notarised document done and letter scanned. Christophe updated to the latest credit card.

Django Trademark

Andy reported that a confirmation email from the US Govt. arrived, looks approved.

New Business

Django NYC name use

Request for NYC non-profit Django group to use allow the use of Django. There was concern from the board about using the registered name for a non-profit and confusion with DEFNA and Django Europe. Christophe was going to contact them to suggest alternatives.

Comittee Membership

Discussion about some of the members of board possibly joining the Code of Conduct committee. Andy raised that some broad highlights (with appropriate protections) of what the committee does might help transparency. James noted that the transparency report from Django Under the Hood was well received. Frank will set up a recurring report with the committee to get some information.

Grants committee has high turn over. Discussed that it might help if it had better tools to cope with the application influx. Board was asked for ideas for the next meeting to help the committee.

Christophe created a spreadsheet for incoming sponsorship requests to make voting more efficient.

Django Girls Harare

Request for $900 USD. Board suggested and approved $300 USD.

Django Girls Ogbomoso

Request for $300 USD. Approved by the board.

Well-being committee

Suggested that it doesn't need official board approval and could be done by the community. Daniele will contact the organisers to suggest that.

Next meeting

7th April

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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