A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on May 7, 2015. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.


Old Business

DjangoCon US

Russell updated the board on the status. The call for proposals is out. The draft of the legal agreement between the Django Software Foundation and DEFNA is being reviewed.

Password manager

Jannis has been researching and would like to use Passpack to store passwords for Django Project site and services Cost $48 USD a year. Approved by the board.

Grants committee

Grant recipients for DjangoCon EU all sorted out. Grant program policies still at a draft stage and the board would like the opportunity to read the document before the next meeting.

Fellowship sustainability

Ola updated the board that maybe release recurring payments at DjangoCon EU.

New Business

Developer nominations

Nominations for developers to join the DSF.

Proposed by Russell:

Proposed by Ola:

Proposed by Daniel Greenfeld:

All were approved by the board.

Contributor Licensing Agreement

A question was asked, is it still needed since it seemed to be applied inconsistently. The board did not know enough to answer the question. Andy, Ola and Russell were going to ask various people.

Diversity Statement

The board expressed interest in persuing a diversity statement and review the documents before going any further.


Florian attending on the 17-19th April and requesting a 240 Euro (~$261 USD) travel grant. Approved by the board.

Donations for trademark licensing

A company is selling items in accordance with the trademark licensing terms and generated a donation for the DSF. The company would like a link on the Django Project site. The board approved the creation of a link when the donations reach $200 USD.

Django Girls

Portland, US, July 18. $300 USD approved by the board.

Budapest, Hungary. $300 USD approved by the board.

Warsaw, Poland. Requested $1,000 USD. $300 USD approved by the board.

Django Birthday party

Request for $2,000 USD for the Django Birthday. A for profit activity by RevSys. Sponsorship denied by the board, Russell to approach RevSys with some questions.

Business done during the month

1.8 t-shirt

It's out, get yours now.

Code of conduct

Complaint has been made and is being processed confidentially.

Next meeting

10th June

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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