A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on April 2, 2015. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.



Old Business

DjangoCon US

Russell updated the board on the status. The call for proposals is ready to go. Some firm commitments for sponsorship. Bank account set up.

Licensing of the DjangoCon name to DEFNA (the organisation behind DjangoCon US) is under discussion. Normal requirements, such as commitment to low prices and dates are being waived this year due to the late start of the project.

Proposed travel grant fund of $5,000 USD. Approved by the board.

DjangoCon Europe

Request for "loan" for more grant money. $5,000 USD was approved last month for travel grants, all were allocated at the beginning of June. Requesting $1,500 USD unsecured loan against the conference profit. Projections indicate that they will make a profit on the conference. Approved by the board.


No update.


An account is being sponsored by GetSentry, logo is being added to the footer of Django Project site.


An account is being sponsored by Elasticsearch, logo is being added to the footer of Django Project site.

Code of Conduct committee

Will be meeting at PyCon, but the chair has been ill so there hasn't been much progress.

Grants committee

The chair has been ill so there hasn't been much progress. Working on an initial framework for handing grants.

PyCon and DjangoCon AU

Stacey trying to get payments over to Australia.

Benevity and Amazon Smile

A service for sending pay cheques to a charity. Stacey setting it up. Amazon Smile is set up and ready to add the website.

New Business

Participate in outreachery?

Similar to Google Summer of Code for minority groups. Costs $6,500 and $500 goes to the outreach group. Board questioned about the people needed to make it happen. Rejected by the board.

PyCon Philippines

A 250-300 person event, entry level sponsorship is $350. General Python event. $350 USD sponsorship approved by the board.


A 501(c)(3) certificate is required for server monitoring. Jannis to forward on.


Florian attending on the 17-19th April and requesting a 240 (~$261 USD) travel grant. Approved by the board.


Cardiff, UK (tied to DjangoCon EU). Request $300 USD. Approved by the board.

Mbarara, Uganda. Has now been confirmed as a DjangoGirls event. Its a full day event providing breakfast and lunch, expecting 70 ladies and some men. Asked for $800 USD. Board offered standard $300 USD.

Business done during the month

1.8 t-shirt

Designer will have a design this week.

1.9 t-shirt

Start earlier? Waiting for a clearer idea of whats in 1.9.


We aren't a large enough business for Barclays business banking. Stacey would like to move the saving account to Everbank, paying better interest than the 1% Barclays was going to pay.

Next meeting

7th May

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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