A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held via teleconference starting on 28th August, 2014, 9am CST. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.


Old Business

Foundation tax status

Reinstatement approved, the DSF has tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status again, retroactive back to when it was revoked. An attempt to file the 990N failed because one was already filed for 2014. Noted that the IRS has a Journal World address in Kansas and options were being discussed to find a more permanent address.

Djangoproject.com web design update

Not much to report, the designers available time is Sept-Oct. Discussion if the board needs to provide a 1099 form for taxes for the designer.

DjangoCon 2014

Conference going ahead. For 2015, it was proposed that the community will take over the conference, but the venue will be fixed in Austin as per the existing contract with Open Bastion. Board wanted to announce plans for the 2015 conference once the 2014 conference has been completed.

Sprints will be at Urban Airship, but no guarantees over power or food. Request for $200 USD to fund drinks for the sprint, approved by the board.

Invoice for PythonAnywhere membership

No update.


Djangoproject.com has now moved to Rackspace and Adrian will turn off the Media Temple servers. Invoice still owed for Media Temple.

Django Fellow

Proposal in progress to the Mozilla Foundation.

Bitcoin donation

FAQ exists on Bitcoin.

Business done during month

DjangoCon travel

Travel assistance committee set up during the month. About $4k USD distributed to 4 applicants. The committee was closed on August 22nd.

Getting started with Django

After being contacted by the DSF, Packt have agreed to rename the book.

New Business

Pyxie Dust

Request for $800 USD sponsorship. Approved by the board.

Django tutorials

Request for grant to deliver Django tutorials at PyCon Ireland, Poland and a talk in Finland from a community member in India. Second time asking for a grant. Request for $500 USD approved by the baord.

New members

RevSys and QC Technologies added.

Malcolm Tredinnick Prize

Russell to announce call for nominations for 2015.

Board re-elections

Scheduling for around DjangoCon US, the following members would like to stand for re-election: Adrian, Russell, Karen. Will need to do blog post announcing election and call for any new nominations. Because of recent appointment, Jannis will be exempt.

Contributor License Agreement

Karen waiting for information on how to push to the website the update licenses.

Next meeting

25th September 2014, 9am CST

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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