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Django 3.0.8 release notes

July 1, 2020

Django 3.0.8 fixes several bugs in 3.0.7.


  • Fixed messages of InvalidCacheKey exceptions and CacheKeyWarning warnings raised by cache key validation (#31654).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 3.0.7 that caused a queryset crash when grouping by a many-to-one relationship (#31660).
  • Reallowed, following a regression in Django 3.0, non-expressions having a filterable attribute to be used as the right-hand side in queryset filters (#31664).
  • Fixed a regression in Django 3.0.2 that caused a migration crash on PostgreSQL when adding a foreign key to a model with a namespaced db_table (#31735).
  • Added compatibility for cx_Oracle 8 (#31751).
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