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The django.contrib.webdesign package, part of the “django.contrib” add-ons, provides various Django helpers that are particularly useful to Web designers (as opposed to developers).

At present, the package contains only a single template tag. If you have ideas for Web-designer-friendly functionality in Django, please suggest them.

Template tags

To use these template tags, add 'django.contrib.webdesign' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting. Once you’ve done that, use {% load webdesign %} in a template to give your template access to the tags.


Displays random “lorem ipsum” Latin text. This is useful for providing sample data in templates.


{% lorem [count] [method] [random] %}

The {% lorem %} tag can be used with zero, one, two or three arguments. The arguments are:

Argument Description
count A number (or variable) containing the number of paragraphs or words to generate (default is 1).
method Either w for words, p for HTML paragraphs or b for plain-text paragraph blocks (default is b).
random The word random, which if given, does not use the common paragraph (“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...”) when generating text.


  • {% lorem %} will output the common “lorem ipsum” paragraph.
  • {% lorem 3 p %} will output the common “lorem ipsum” paragraph and two random paragraphs each wrapped in HTML <p> tags.
  • {% lorem 2 w random %} will output two random Latin words.


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