Minutes of 12/7/2009 Board of Directors Meeting

A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation ("DSF") Board of Directors was held via teleconference starting on 12/7/2009 at 12:00pm CST. Jacob Kaplan-Moss led the meeting. Jeremy Dunck prepared the minutes.

1. Attendance

  • Dan Cox, Board
  • Jeremy Dunck, Secretary
  • Adrian Holovaty, Board
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Board & President
  • Joseph Kocherhans, Treasurer

2. Minutes of past meetings

Minutes from the 9/28/2009 minutes were approved.

3. Votes taken between meetings

No votes were taken between meetings.

4. Status of past action items

  • Regarding Treasurer search, Joseph Kocherhans has accepted the position, and the board approved.
  • Regarding the President search, candidates have been considered but no final determination has been made.
  • As suggested in the 9/29 meeting, board meetings have been expanded to quarterly board teleconference in addition to annual membership meetings.
  • Regarding revising the logo usage policy, no action was taken. Jacob still plans to provide a draft of this policy revision.
  • Regarding marketing, no action was taken.
  • Regarding infrastructure tasks, no significant issue previously reported by Jeremy was unaddressed by Jacob.
  • Regarding travel sponsorship, Dan Cox has decided to form a committee of members who will vote to select recipients of sponsorship funds.
  • Regarding sprint promotion, Jeremy Dunck has become sprint coordinator. The intention is to have at least 6 sprints per year. The next sprint is scheduled for January 9 - 10 in Chicago.
  • Regarding the Django Education Foundation, a draft DEF plan was posted in November, but progress has been limited.

5. Board discussion

Actions items appear in bold.

5.1 Expanding the makeup of the board

Joseph Kocherhans accepted the Treasurer position and as such will be handling donations to and disbursements from for the DSF.

Candidates for the President position are still being considered. Jacob is to solicit written statements from the candidates regarding their plans and intentions should they hold the position.

5.2 Schedule for next meeting

The next Foundation meeting will be held one of the days of PyCon 2010 in Atlanta. DSF Members are invited to attend. Jeremy Dunck will determine the specific time for the meeting and spread the word for the meeting.

5.3 IP/Trademark

Justin Bronn, perhaps the world's only Djangonaut lawyer, has kindly offered his legal services to the Django Software Foundation. Thank you, Justin.

Additional Contributor License Agreements (providence that the Django Software Foundation wholly owns the IP licensed to all users under the BSD license) are needed for prior contributions. Jeremy Dunck will solicit help from DSF members to locate these contributors.

Jacob will create a mailing list for those who run sites in the Django community or want to help improve djangoproject.com's community page.

5.4 Infrastructure

Jacob will purchase and deploy an SSL certificate for djangoproject.com.

Jacob is currently working on a centrally-hosted pony-build system to replace volunteer-hosted buildbots, which have proven difficult to rely on. Volunteer help on this pony-build system are welcome.

5.5 Sponsorship

In order to aid deserving community members, a sponsorship committee will be responsible for nominating candidates for board approval. Jacob will solicit DSF members to volunteer to serve on a sponsorship committee.

5.6 Funds

Foundation funds are relatively steady due to occasional donations and low expenses.

5.7 Conferences

Video from DjangoCon 2009 is expected to be published soon; conference chair Robert Lofthouse apologizes for the delay, owing to his newborn child and otherwise overwhelming workload.

Jannis Leidel reported that a newly-formed German Django Association will host a EuroDjangoCon in Berlin, May 2010. Details forthcoming.

5.8 Sprints (and developer event promotion)

Sprints were held December 12 and 13. Sprints are scheduled for early January (Chicago) and February (Los Angeles and Atlanta). Additional information is available at http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/Sprints.

6 Adjournment

Jacob Kaplan-Moss adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm.

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